The Marvelwood School

Some of you might be considering your child’s future school experience in these coming months. If private school is a possibility, boarding or non-boarding, allow us to share our tour of The Marvelwood School (9-12) set atop beautiful Skiff Mountain in Kent.

2020 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Ok, let’s hear it for all the fab dads out there! ♥️ We love them for their jokes, their ability to fix things, and all the many other talents they possess! Men’s gifts can be tricky sometimes, but we’ve made it easy for you. Here’s our 2020 Father’s Day Gift Guide!

How to look more profesh on video calls

Well, that escalated quickly! If you weren’t partaking in many video/Skype/Zoom conferences before, you probably are now! We wanted to pass on a few simple tips from Lora, our co-founder and photographer, and the one with a really good eye for making things look their best!

Read on for how to look more profesh on video calls…

Rumsey Hall School

Rumsey Hall in Washington is an independent, coed junior boarding (grades 5-9) and day school (for K-9). After a private tour of the Rumsey Hall grounds, we’re convinced we’d be much more scholarly if we had gone to school here!

This post is for parents who may be considering the thought of enrolling their child in an idyllic school tucked away in beautiful Litchfield County. Weekenders – come for the summer and have the kids stay up here for school. Perfect.