The Perfect Pair

No, not us (tee-hee). The perfect pair of shoes is what we’re talking about today. Multiple perfect pairs of shoes, in fact. All can be found at, you guessed it, The Perfect Pair in Fairfield.

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If someone tells you that you have enough shoes, stop talking to them. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.


Cinderella shoe moments

We’re sorry, but the sheer joy obtained from going to a friendly shoe boutique and finding THE perfect pair cannot be duplicated online. Shoe boutiques are becoming a rarity and we’re making it our personal mission to frequent the best CT has to offer! Which brings us to…

The Perfect Pair

This women’s shoe boutique offers a unique collection of shoe designers, jewelry, and handbags. The unique space has a relaxed sitting room vibe and showcases a variety of shoes that aren’t carried in large chain stores. Shoes range from all-weather boots, to dress shoes, flip flops, sandals, lots of ankle boots, and a great range of fashion sneakers!

Meet the owner, Carrie Bocian

Carrie opened her business a little over a year ago after leaving her high-pressure media executive position in Manhattan. She decided to follow her two passions (shoes and helping people) to offer something special to the women of Connecticut. 

Questions with Carrie between shoe shopping

So you quit your career…

I was commuting into the city 4 hours a day doing contract negotiations. The industry shifted, I had kids and was working 36 hours straight sometimes. When my company was purchased a couple of years ago they reorganized and I was able to leave with severance. For the first time in my life, I didn’t work for a year. I knew I would need to get another job and figured I’d go back to corporate, but when I started to look I would get a pain in my stomach and just knew I had to do something a little bit different!

I always had a passion for shoes and really love helping people.

You decided to open a shoe store – where did you start?

I started speaking with other local business owners and became close with a woman who owns her own store in downtown Southport and a lot of the women who own stores in Fairfield too. It’s just about reaching out and asking questions. I took copious notes, and I’m still learning. It’s a challenge!

Who are your clients?

Mostly stay at home moms, working moms, and students from Fairfield University.

What’s your #1 selling item?

Fashionable sneakers.

Tell us about your favorite pair of shoes!

Christian Louboutin platform suede boots! It was the largest amount I ever paid for a pair of shoes. It was about 6 years ago and they’re still in fantastic shape and I still love them!

When you’re not in the store, what are you doing?

I love spending time with my friends. I have a son who is very into tennis, so I’m watching matches 5 days/week. We have 2 dogs (1 who has chewed many pairs of my shoes) and we like to hike with them and the family.

And the final question we ask everyone…favorite restaurants in the area?

I really like Paci in Southport and in Westport I like Oko!

We had FIVE Cinderella moments to be exact 😉

The Perfect Pair

14 Sanford St, Fairfield, CT 06824

Words: Bev/ Pics: Lora

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