Get ready for the Business Women’s Forum!

Women of Connecticut, mark your calendars! The Business Women’s Forum will be hosting their 37th annual full-day conference on October 29th at the Aqua Turf in Plantsville (a nice central spot for us all to get to!).

We went last year and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Motivational speeches, networking with fellow wonder-women, workshops, lunch…what’s not to love?! We can’t wait to go this year for all of that, plus this year’s keynote speaker Stacy London!!

Business Women’s Forum

We got so inspired by last year, that we became Corporate Benefactors this year. Give us a shout if you have any questions. We’d love to see you there!

We asked the team of wonder-women behind the Business Women’s Forum to answer a few Q’s.

Tell us why women should attend this event?

The Business Women’s Forum always leaves attendees with a sense of empowerment and inspiration. The energy of over 500 passionate working women in one room is a truly amazing feeling. Between the keynote speakers and workshops, attendees walk away with solid takeaways to bring back to work and their personal lives, and there’s amazing opportunities for networking. Plus, we have some really fabulous giveaways and prizes, including jewelry from our friends at Onyx II Fine Jewelers, getaway trips, and more!

Besides the fabulous keynote speaker (Stacy London!), what else can attendees expect?

We are excited to hear from Stacy this year, and also from our morning motivational speaker Connie Podesta, who is a Hall of Fame speaker, therapist, and comedienne! Plus, we have 6 great workshops on a variety of topics including managing a brand online, mastering conversations surrounding money, being a standout leader and more. Each workshop speaker goes through an application process and is carefully chosen by a committee to make sure our attendees are getting great content. 

You’re celebrating 37 years of Connecticut’s largest and longest-running full-day statewide conference. What do you attribute to its success and longevity?

The BWF has an amazing team of dedicated women on our Board of Directors, all of whom are committed to putting on a high-quality event for our attendees. When you make interesting and valuable content your focus (and you add in as much fun as possible) you have a long-lasting recipe for success.

How many attendees do you expect this year? 

We expect around 600 attendees this year. (I would say 600 women, but we do have a few gentlemen attend each year- and they love the day too!)

How can our readers ask their employer to sponsor them to attend the conference? We know it’s beneficial for their employees to attend but how should they communicate that?

Employees can approach a boss or supervisor by presenting all of the professional benefits of attending the conference. This truly is a professional development conference, with the opportunity to gain new insights and skills, learn best practices, and do some high-level networking with those expected 600 attendees. We would encourage those interested to review the workshop topics. Is there something covered by one of the workshops that your office or team is struggling with? Is there a specific skill you’d like to gain? This could be the perfect way to fill that gap.

Where can our readers get more info on the conference?

There’s a wealth of information on our website at and we encourage everyone to keep up with updates and announcements on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn! Questions can be directed to (203) 757-0701 or email Julie at:

Last year at the conference with our friends James and Daniel/Onyx II Jewelers

Photos provided by Waterbury Chamber of Commerce/Photographer: Dorian Mode Photography

Stacy London’s headshot courtesy of the American Program Bureau.