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If you’ve been following along on our adventures for a while, you’ll know that we love a good class! When those classes are local, are creative and about sustainability, we’re especially into it! As a self-proclaimed millennial (the future looks bright!), we had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with Shannon Carey, founder of Three Roots Education. We learned about her business and vision, while learning to make sauerkraut, natural watercolor paint, and grow vegetables! Her private workshops are for all ages – toddlers to adults. 

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Art – Garden – Lifestyle

Three Roots Education is an organic education center focused on bringing art, garden, lifestyle, and fun workshops to all ages! They offer classes on things such as organic textile design, terrarium building, fermented foods, and many more. Classes focus on organic & sustainable practices and are rooted in local threads.

Meet Shannon Carey

 A certified and award-winning K-12 art teacher, a conservationist, and an entrepreneur, Shannon founded Three Roots Education this past May. The idea for Three Roots began April 2016 in Nashville when Shannon was in her junior year of college. During one of her student teaching placements, a student had an allergic reaction to one of the art supplies in her class. She dove into her art history books and began to examine the way art materials were once naturally made. Eventually, this led to her senior thesis on “Sustainable Practice in Art Education” and to launching Three Roots Education.


Location – here, there, anywhere!

Three Roots Education offers mobile art/garden workshops for birthday parties, events, and pop-ups. Art and garden education can be done anywhere and they want to make it as convenient as possible.

Lesson one: Fermentation

This lesson included chopping our cabbages, learning about the benefits of fermented food (good bacteria), squishing the cabbage, adding a lil’ something, then “burping” our jar for the following two weeks before noshing! Fun, tasty, good for us. Lesson learned ✔

Lesson two: All-natural watercolor paint

Take your watercolor work of art to the next level by making your own all-natural paint. You can doubly impress your friends with your double creativity! How do you make paint?! Sign up for the class to find out!

Lesson three: Garden explorations

In this lesson, we learned the joys of planting seeds (spinach, Delphiniums, and beans), followed by the even greater joy of watching those seeds grow! This workshop changed Lora’s life…over to Lora and “Bean.”

Lora here! World, meet “Bean” as he’s affectionately called. I’ve never kept any plant alive. Ever. Even the alleged “you can’t kill this species” type of plant or flower. Thanks to Three Roots Education, I learned how to grow a plant from a bean and have it actually thrive! Bean is up to 4-1/2 leaves as of today and I can’t wait to eat what I sowed. 🙂

The vision

Three Roots Education strives to host workshops and events which encompass “Three Roots” – sustainable, local, and creative. Shannon believes that sustainable practices should be used to enhance an experience, not get in the way. By showing people more ecological ways of completing daily tasks, and entertainment activities, Three Roots hopes to help keep our planet, our communities, and our bodies happy for many more years to come!

Cheers to that with some delicious treats Shannon prepared for us. Local iced-tea and homegrown strawberries.

We got to pick a couple of lettuce heads to go!

Check out their schedule here.

Enjoy getting your hands dirty and learning a thing or two with Three Roots Education!

Three Roots Education


Words: Bev/ Pics: Lora

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