We all know we’re meant to eat a diet of nutritious food. When we eat nutritionally packed foods, we’re warding off disease, increasing stamina, making our skin and hair happy, and achieving better mental clarity. But, as we can all attest to, it’s often the doing and the remembering that is harder to execute than any lack of knowledge!

Dr. Wendy Wolfson is a smart and savvy psychiatrist who understands living in the real world, but also the tremendous benefits, both physical and mental, related to eating nutritious food. As a psychiatrist practicing in New Canaan and NYC, she believes in treating the whole body and has produced Mood Eats – good mood food bar. Tell us more, Dr. W!

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Meet Dr. Wendy Wolfson

We sat on Dr. Wendy’s couch in her New Canaan office and turned the tables, asking our questions. By the end of our “session,” we were vowing to only put the best nutritionally-sound ingredients into our mouths from that point forward! To celebrate, we went to Wendy’s friend’s house to cook some kale and have a little photoshoot fun!

Tell us about your practice…

When I decided to become a psychiatrist, I thought it would be great if my practice could include tools for patients to target all aspects of their life to facilitate treatment. I knew from my own life, when I decided to change my diet and exercise, every aspect of my own life got better.

And so the story of Mood Eats begins!

Yes! My patients would sometimes ask, “What else can I do, besides taking pills?” I had an idea that I would incorporate nutritional counseling and fitness coaching into my patient care, but I found that people have a hard time following through with that kind of stuff when they don’t feel well.

I felt compelled to find an easy way to educate patients about their diet and to deliver the food that could benefit them. The Mood Eats bar is a quick and easy way to deliver this message and the Mood Eats website is a place where everyone can go to learn about this information and incorporate it into their daily lives.

In simple terms, what is nutritional psychiatry?

The more we as psychiatrists started figuring out what’s happening in the brain, the easier it became to link food to mental illness, and food to getting better. I started to do a lot of research into nutritional psychiatry to be able to speak intelligently to my patients.

Nutritional psychiatry is a field of medicine that is exploring the link between what you eat, how you feel, how you act and what your diet does to your brain and providing scientific evidence to support it.

Give us some examples of some benefits of a few of the ingredients in the Mood Eats bars!

  • Grass fed whey protein is important because it contains all the amino acids necessary to build neurotransmitters (which are the mood-boosting chemicals in your brain like serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine).
  • Dates are high in amino acids, vitamin Bs, Mg, Selenium, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and phenolic compounds.

  • Bananas are high in B6 and help to eliminate toxic chemicals from the blood which are byproducts of metabolism.

  • Kale contains glucosinolates (nutrients or organic sulphur compounds found in plants that contain enzymes and antioxidants and work with other chemicals like folate and flavonoids and vitamin C to cleanse the body of free radicals and other toxins).

What’s the vision for Mood Eats?

To package some key foods with the most scientific evidence behind them into a delicious snack bar as an easy way to introduce this concept of Nutritional Psychiatry. I hope the bar can be the catalyst to a mentally healthier lifestyle and the website be a wellness experience that can be helpful to those in need of support.

Nutritional psychiatry provides an alternative course of action for people who want to take an active role in their mental well-being by educating themselves about which foods help enhance a positive mood.

One thing our readers should know about Mood Eats?

The meds we have now we’ve had for 30 years, but they don’t work all the time. We’re beginning to understand why they’re not working. I want people to know there are other options to taking medications.

Mood Eats exists to encourage people to take charge of their own lives.


What’s in your protein bar??

Mood Eats bars are packed with all of the great things we should be eating to fuel our bodies and brains. The snack is meant to give a boost of nutritional goodness, but mostly is a reminder about the types of whole foods we should be adding to our daily diet! With ingredients like dates, cashews, cacao chocolate chips, green tea, and goji berries we enjoyed the reminder…and were also inspired to pop a few more of those items into our basket during our next grocery shop!

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