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We first met Cathy Soukup, Life Coach/Energy Healer, a few weeks ago when we were at the Grounded Goodwife’s “Past Lives Revealed” event. It was a goosebump-inducing couple of hours where we listened to Cathy’s stories and learned that she offers energy healing sessions through her business, “Snap Out of It”. She recently began opening her home to those who’d like to go beyond a single session and could benefit from a getaway for a night or two to do a more intensive rejuvenation. We were intrigued, to say the least. Here’s our experience @ The Connection…

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Welcome to our sanctuary for the night, @ The Connection 💙

@ The Connection is off the beaten path in Roxbury, secluded, and backs on to 168 acres of protected land (Roxbury Land Trust).

One of two welcoming and naturally comfortable bedrooms.

FACT: It takes longer than one hour to unwind

@ The Connection is Cathy’s super natural retreat offered at her beautiful home. Organic beds and bedding, a pesticide-free environment, crystal structured water, and organic continental breakfast; getting back to nature is what it’s all about. You can add on to your overnight stay with a relaxing Cosmic Facial with Dali Salvador, a body massage with a locally praised massage therapist, Byron Eddy, and of course, energy work with Cathy.

We’ve both been ridiculously busy lately, so the itinerary that Cathy sent us involving a solid 18 hours of relaxing and recharging, couldn’t have sounded any better.


Evening: Cosmic Facial Massage by Dali – Wednesday evening upon your arrival…and of course dinner (you’ll bring), hot tub and sound sleep!


Morning: Coffee, hike, breakfast

Lora: Energy Work with Cathy

Bev: Energy Work with Cathy

Cathy’s dog Josh is very much part of the therapy package. We taught him how to do “looking away” blog-pose. He caught on quickly.
A cosmic facial, in the healing shed on the crystal bio mat, in beautiful, natural surroundings. Doesn’t get much more soothing than that!
The healing shed. Looks fairly modest, but a lot of good things happen in here.

Cosmic Facials with Dali…

Consists of ancient Chinese medicine, Ayurveda principals, reflexology, and NASA cell rejuvenation technology. Basically, a facial that tackles things at every angle, resulting in complete relaxation and glowing skin. A facial with Dali Salvador was the perfect way to start relaxing and detaching from the outside world.

Completely chillaxed, post facial. Plush white robes were the recommended attire @ The Connection
Our view for the eve, where we sat until dusk with Cathy, chatting and noticing the various wonders of nature – bugs, frog sounds, stars, and the warmth of summer to name a few.


Cathy’s hot tub is treated with natural cleaning agents (of course), therefore no garments are allowed. After discussing our game plan of how we would enter the hot tub one at a time while the other looked away and vice versa, how we are total Brits (Bev 100% and Lora of Brit descent), and not that good at being naked, we finally decided to just enjoy the hot tub solo while the other was having their treatment. Enjoy it we did. Ahhh.

“Sleep is the best meditation” – Dalai Lama

In keeping with the theme of self-care and recharging, we closed the evening with a cup of herbal tea and an early night. A much, much needed, early night!


The great outdoors – A stress-free zone

After a cup of Sacred Grounds coffee (we checked the box, “will not move without coffee” on the intake questionnaire), Cathy and Josh took us on a “seize the day” hike. Guests are welcome to hike with or without Cathy. We recommend with Cathy, she’s such a great listener and advice-giver, and generally just somebody you want to be around.

Please don’t push me off the bridge, Lora!
Cathy teaches us to take our shoes and socks off and enjoy the river. She knows how to enjoy the moment! As does Josh.
We were a little obsessed with Josh
Black Sheep yogurt, superfood Smoothie Life, and fresh berries
Mashed avocado, lemon, pinch of salt, on rice toast

Breakfast of champs!

After all that day-seizing we were sta-arving! We started with a glass of Alkamind Daily Greens, followed by the above ↑. We were jotting down notes and looking up websites as Cathy passed on lots of healthy living tips. That’s it…we’re eating like this from now on!

Energy work time – eeep!

We’re now completely at ease and ready to open our souls to Cathy during our energy work session! Cathy is a self-proclaimed mini-mall of gifts and knowledge and helps clients reconnect with their path or journey and to rediscover the joy of life. Lora went first…

Lora’s experience…

I love this kind of soul changing thing…but I wasn’t ready for the first words out of Cathy’s mouth to make me cry! But, truly in a good way. She affirmed things I knew deep down but was maybe afraid to explore. I left the healing shed feeling exuberant, positive, motivated, and confident in my abilities! Highly recommend this work to anyone who wants to connect with their higher self. Thank you, Cathy!

Bev’s experience…

As I was anxiously awaiting my turn (I had no idea what to expect) I texted a friend who has been to Cathy in the past and has always raved about her. She gave me the best advice I needed to hear, “relax and receive”. So, I did. My session with Cathy was exactly what I needed. Among other things I told her about some lower back issues I’d been having – a constant awakening in the morning with a really sore back. Cathy held my back for a long time. Forty minutes or so later of healing (this will be different for everyone) I left the hut feeling drained (I offloaded a bunch!) but so much lighter. The effects of my session with Cathy have been long lasting for me. Again, just what I needed! And…my back has felt so much better ever since.

We ended our time @ The Connection with Cathy giving us a heart to heart healing hug 💕

Thanks for everything, Cathy!

xo Bev + Lora

Cathy Soukup @ The Connection



Words: Bev / Photos: Lora

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