Olley Court

Olley Court, located on Main Street in Ridgefield, is one small-but-mighty, utterly sumptuous boutique! Selling home decor, clothing, jewelry, art, gifts, and interior design services – you can cancel your round-the-world trip, they’ve found all of the most exquisite objects from around the globe for you! We spent the morning with store owners and interior designers Susan Buzaid and Robin Curnan, discovering everything there is to know about Olley Court.

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Susan Buzaid and Robin Curnan – aka Olley Court!

You were friends before you became business partners. How long have you known each other and how did you meet?

We met when I (Susan) was managing Ann Taylor in Westport in 1980 when I hired Robin as a sales associate. Our lives intermingled throughout the next 30 years. Having lunch with another friend one day I said I was thinking of opening a shop and Robin said me too. In 2007 Olley Court opened its doors.

How do you find all of these global wonders?

Olley Court carries a well-edited collection of unique products from around the globe. We search out artisans and markets to find the best of what the world has to offer.

The sample room!

Tell us a little bit about the interior design services you offer. We know you do residential, commercial, and outdoor settings…

Our interior design services encompass full scale or just one room. We offer staging services and small projects as well as from the foundation up.

This is an example of what Olley Court was working on when we visited. The client wanted a modern and comfortable living room. They created a neutral color scheme and added interest through texture. As they explained, the clean and simple lines of the furniture against the organic nature of the fabrics and accessories create the modern comfort their client was looking for.

You started carrying clothing in the past 4 years, and it’s such an exciting collection! We noticed lines from Japan, India, Maine, Brooklyn, and Italy. How do you decide what to bring into the store?

Our clothing and jewelry are chosen based on aesthetic, workmanship, quality, and interest each season. We don’t carry labels that can be found in box stores and we work hard to bring in artisan clothing and jewelry.

You know we couldn’t resist a little Olley Court/Ridgefield street style…

NICO cotton voile skirt, Pip-Squeak linen top, Lena Skadegard necklace

NICO linen dress from Japan, Christen Maxwell tote, Monies from Copenhagen lucite bangle, Miguel Ases earrings

Hannoh dress, Monies of Copenhagen leather necklaces and bangles

Hannoh wrap skirt, Hannoh of Italy jacket, Lena Skadegard necklace, Marion Cage earrings

Ok, let’s have some fun – What about Olley Court does the other love the most? Love the least?

What Susan loves the most is the amazing people we get to meet on a regular basis. And she probably likes garbage detail the least!

What Robin loves the most is the freedom to work for ourselves. Robin likes retail weekend hours the least!

Can you give us tips on how to set the perfect coffee table?

  • Keep it edited, yet comfortable.
  • Add objects of interest, artisan made, and mix textures.
  • Include a tray so you can set a drink down easily.
  • A box for your remotes. Hide the messiness.
  • Candles provide ambiance and warmth.
  • Books for guests to browse.
  • Bring in natural texture and coloring with fresh flowers in a beautiful handcrafted porcelain vase.
  • Add a pop of color but coordinated to your room. Not matchy-matchy.

Ahhh, we want one of everything in the store! These 2 ladies have ridiculously good taste, and the great thing is, they are sharing it with us shoppers! Head on in and pay the team at Olley Court a visit, get inspired, and perhaps leave with a treasure you’ll cherish forever.

Olley Court

418 Main Street
Ridgefield Connecticut 06877

Words: Bev / Pics: Lora

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