Makery Coworking

Do you work from home? Do you get distracted easily and partake in a little procrastination? Well, this one’s for you…

Litchfield County, home to a huge number of self-employed, freelancers, innovators, and entrepreneurs, just got a new workspace. The first coworking space in the county, Makery Coworking in New Milford is a 5,000 square foot space designed to allow individuals to work, create, collaborate, and network.

Makery Coworking is a hub to rub shoulders with other innovative people in the community. A place to share ideas, swap business cards, and grow our creative economy – we love everything about it!

Coworking – In a Google nutshell: the use of an office or other working environment by people who are self-employed or working for different employers, typically so as to share equipment, ideas, and knowledge.


As you’ll see in our short video we know all about the perils of working from home. We always seem to manage to find other “pressing” things to do besides the thing we’re meant to be doing! We’d love to hear your favorite procrastination past times in the comments!

Now that you’ve seen the various excuses we come up with when we’re working solo, you’ll understand why we plan to be regulars at Makery Coworking. Finally, we have a haven where we can get together, get serious, (as much as we’re able) and get to work!

As with this feature for example…we finished this entire post in record time while working at Makery. 🎉

Memberships are super adaptable and affordable- daily rates/bundles/part-time/full-time. Check em’ out here.

The Vengroves…

Meet husband and wife team Tony and Kate Vengrove. These two are the masterminds behind Makery Coworking. Movers and shakers, and also more officially, Founder (Tony) and Director of Community (Kate).

Why a coworking space?

When the Vengroves were living in Richmond, Virginia, Tony was self-employed and became immersed in the whole start-up scene. On the Board of Directors for an organization called the Creative Change Center, he witnessed first-hand how a creative economy can turn a community around.

Tony started working in a shared space in the Corrugated Box Building, a coworking space that housed several technology and startup businesses, including Tumblr, which had a satellite office there. When the Vengroves became homesick for Northwestern Connecticut and moved back to Litchfield County, Tony started working on his dream to share the concept of a coworking space.

Modeling Makery Coworking on the successful Corrugated Box Building and other spaces he visited up and down the east coast, the Vengroves plan to attract great people that care about the area, have small businesses, and want to put a stake in the ground and stay in Litchfield County.

Pick the workspace that works for you…

Makery has a few different choices for workspaces to choose from, depending on your style.

In the front (with a full view of picturesque Bank Street) are traditional desks. These can easily be moved to make way for guest speakers. With 80 chairs there’s plenty of room for lectures and talks.

Bar height desks may be more your thing (which we somehow gravitated towards). Folks can choose to stand or sit on bar stools while having their next light bulb moment. In addition, we loved the massive roll of brown paper which can be rolled out and scribbled on. As we all know, the best inventions began on napkins. Well, this is bigger, better, and more durable than a napkin.

If you prefer sitting cross-legged on a couch with your coffee and laptop, you’ll want to head to the back section. This area is separated by screens and a large white board. A cozy and comfortable area with throw rugs and a coffee table, you’ll feel like you’re at home (without the lure of putting on a load of laundry).

Lastly, downstairs, the Makery has a large conference room. On both levels, there are a couple of small private phone rooms.

Coworkers with concentrating faces…

Jose Llerena – Optional Reality

Lynn Felici-Gallant – Paul’s Custom Pet Food

Barbara Gold – Mission Branding

Mackenze McAleer – Arise

Ben Grinnell and Richard Portelance –

The large conference room which can be closed off for privacy with these gorgeous doors by “The Sliding Barn Door Co“.

Office equipment, stationery, and a kitchenette. Coffee is always available 😁

And lastly, a little recreation perhaps, while you’re waiting for the next idea to develop!

Makery Coworking

20 Bank Street, New Milford, CT 06776


Words: Bev/ Pics: Lora

Video: Peter Oberc Films –