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Has anyone else found themselves Googling, “How can I dress like the women in “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce”?” If you haven’t been watching it, we’ll fill you in. Brilliant show on Bravo about 4 fabulous women (with fabulous problems) set on the West Coast; L.A. to be exact. What they are wearing is just as important as the storylines. In other words, the most style inspiring show since Sex and the City!

We found a store in Westport that could be the GG2D’s wardrobe. 

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WEST is filled with easy to wear, make-a-statement, fashion-forward clothes. Lines that you’ll fall in love with immediately. Mostly designers from LA, but also some fantastic Australian designers, and a sprinkling of other random super cool lines. “The hi-low mix” is the concept, or feel, of the store, Laura Maged explained to us, something just a little edgy or glam mixed unexpectedly with super casual everything-else. We loved our little dress-up blogeling session we had recently, and fully embraced the hi-low combo; a new favorite!

Us, with Laura Maged, brilliant curator of the coolness that is WEST. She put together the following looks for us, then directed us to a magic alleyway off Post Road that made our pictures look like we took a quick trip to Greece. Feel excited for spring, guys! And keep in mind that the beauty of WEST is that everything is ready to wear right now!

When did West open and what is the concept?

WEST opened mid-August 2016…the idea was to bring primarily West Coast designers (with Australia included and some of the very best from NY and Europe) to Westport. There are very few curated contemporary boutiques selling edgy but affordable and wearable clothes. It seemed like this was missing in our area. I also found so many amazing West Coast designers on my trips to LA and would wear them when I returned and people seemed to really want access to them.  

We know you’re not meant to pick favorites, but tell us a few of the lines that you carry that make your heart race!?

I have lived in R13 jeans for years so needless to say I was thrilled to be able to carry that line. I spent a lot of time shopping at Elyse Walker in LA so the first line I went for – and got – was the Perfext (the x stands for the 10 perfect pieces for your wardrobe). Some totally new designers that I discovered at LA market such as Katharine Kidd and Calvin Rucker are favorites. Katharine has pieces that are so unique and beautiful and make a statement.  Calvin Rucker has some of the best denim and blouses out there – they fit everyone so well and have amazing “Saturday night” appeal. Pam and Gela (the former “Juicy girls”) and LNA make amazing, fun pieces and really define LA casual style. My two go-to brands are RtA and NSF and I rip those boxes open when they arrive!!! 

Westport / West Coast, what’s the big difference (other than weather)? 

On the West Coast it’s super casual and people take more fashion risks. Denim with everything is kind of the answer. Here we are mixing denim with a great blazer and then putting a ripped graphic tee under. It’s the hi-low mix! I also fully believe in continuing to dress with a little edge and attitude even if it’s cold and I’m only going to Stop & Shop and then to watch my son play basketball. It’s about feeling good and fresh and cool. Regardless of one’s age, we love helping style people so they feel amazing – and while not being “trendy,” we like to be fashion forward. 


How do you like to spend your time when not in the store? 

I love date nights with my husband and lunches and dinners with my friends (I’m restaurant obsessed)! I am in NYC for work and pleasure very often and it is fun to be in the city on a semi-regular basis. My husband and I carve out time for art shows and Red Hot Chili Pepper concerts whenever we can.

After not working full time for 17 years….I do need to leave work and make time for my 3 boys. I truly enjoy watching them play basketball and hockey and tennis (I leave the golf for my husband….not my thing). And being that I’m obsessed with #surfsunsand I do try to get away to California or any warm beach/city as often as I can. When I fall into bed after a day of work and evening of kids and dinner and driving and homework policing, I watch Top Chef obsessively (hate cooking but love eating) and my guilty pleasure – the Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce (watched solely for the clothing and scenes of LA).  

You’re super stylish. Who have been some of your biggest influences in your style aesthetic?

I’m not sure if I can name a person or designer that has influenced me, but I will say I have been poring over every fashion magazine for as long as I can remember and I do rip out pages and styles and get ideas (and often Google into the night to have something I have seen)!  Unfortunately, many items I fall for say “price upon request” which is a red flag that I cannot afford it! Good news is I have figured out ways to “get a certain look” by mixing old and new and expensive with inexpensive. I usually break the bank on shoes and boots – my total weakness.

We think you can really get to know a person with this question….what posters were on your wall when you were a teenager?! 

In full disclosure it was the Farrah Fawcett poster – she was in a red bathing suit with her fab hair going and lots of colors! Then there was a whole area dedicated to Billy Joel, who I was obsessed with.  My sister was on an airplane with him and even got me his autograph which I cherished.  There might have been a Synchronicity poster at one time too. Not sure what any of that says about me – not sure I want to know!

You’ve been busy in the Westport community…what have you been up to?

When we moved to Westport, my oldest son was 4, my middle was about 1, and my little one came a bit later. I immediately got involved in the preschool board and helping throw their fundraiser events (I love a themed party!). Then I transitioned to working a great deal with The Westport Arts Center and the Art Smart program at the elementary schools. I was on the board at WAC for many years and heavily involved in art education and outreach.  And then with three sons ranging 11-17 and a husband who commutes to the city every day, I decided I needed more (ha!) and the concept for WEST was just what I needed to keep me energized.

Anything new happening for the store soon you’d like to share?

We are introducing some amazing brands for spring including Ulla Johnson, Alexander Wang, re/done, Giada Forte, Faliero Sarti and more. Perhaps the biggest (or craziest) new addition is WEST men’s! For the casual male – great jeans and tees and weekend wear.


117 Post Road East, Westport, CT  06880

Pics: Lora & Bev / Words: Bev