Interview with 10,000 Maniacs’ Mary Ramsey

We grew up listening to 10,000 Maniacs‘ “What’s the Matter Here” and “Trouble Me” to name just a couple of their hits…so when we found out the band was coming to the Fairfield Theatre on January 14th, we reached out to lead singer Mary Ramsey to chat with her! Make sure you get your tickets and head out to this great venue for what’s sure to be an amazing show!

Playing Favorites is the latest album by the band (recorded live) – your first live album with the band. How’s that compared to studio recordings?

Well, there’s audience participation, you can hear the audience between songs – very positive feedback, and there’s an energy that’s a bit different because it’s live. When you’re in the studio, it’s really easy to focus on getting everything just right, so it will have a bit of a different sound to it.

Speaking of favorites, what’s your favorite 10,000 Maniacs song?

I would say that one that resonates in my career would be “More than This” from Love Among the Ruins. That was the first album I did with the band after Natalie departed. And that was a special one. Another is “Rainy Day” which I wrote with the band. We were on Sabrina the Teenage Witch Halloween episode [S2 Ep 7] in 1997 called “A River of Candy Corn Runs Through It” and so that was kind of neat! And that song has evolved over the years and to its place in our catalog. [You can YouTube search and watch the episode!]

What’s your favorite thing about touring?

It’s always wonderful to see other parts of the country and the world. It’s inspirational. It’s nice to go away because it makes me appreciate what I have and where I live and it’s good to get a different perspective. I have a curiosity and interest in what other people are doing and I enjoy that a lot. Of course there are places that have great food and great scenery. And I can visit my many relatives around the country.

What’s it like being the only female member of the band?

I’ve known these men for a long time and I know their quirks and they know mine. So it’s like family. We aren’t around each other all the time, so we appreciate each other when we are.

Ok, we want to know behind the scenes stuff….like, do you have requests in your rider for anything interesting…blue M&Ms or white roses???

Well let’s see….we don’t but I’m thinking of things I would like to have (laughs). I like chocolate and would like to have that. We can’t think without chocolate. Now that some of the gentlemen are getting older they talk about the medicinal purposes of chocolate and I support them on that!

Any pre-show rituals?

Usually, before we go on we give each other a fist pump – it’s a bonding thing and that’s nice to know we’re all in it together.

10,000 Maniacs at Fairfield Theatre

Photos provided by 10,000 Maniacs