Worth New York

While we were in the city for NYFW, we scheduled an appointment to meet our Litchfield County friend Susan Haberman at the Worth New York showroom. Susan is an independent stylist for Worth, a company that has a strong belief in empowering the stylists that work for them, and the woman who buy their clothes.

We certainly felt on top of the world while we were there, trying on outfit after outfit! The view of Central Park from the 24th floor at 730 5th Avenue is incredible. The flagship penthouse showroom once belonged to Imelda Marcos – just one of the many floors she needed to house her shoe collection! So yes, quite a heavenly experience…read on!


Worth New York gives customers a unique personal shopping service. By attending a “trunk show,” held at the homes of a select few stylists in the community, clients can try on a range of the Worth New York line, ensuring proper fit, and of course, receiving styling guidance from your personal stylist. The collections are always designed in New York City using the finest fabrics – and those professional stylists know the entire line like nobody’s business!

Alternatively, you can make a virtual appointment, or do as we did, and meet your stylist at the heavenly NY showroom!




Meet Susan! She joined the Worth company last year after a long career in IT and loves this switch she’s made into the world of high fashion. Since her high school days, working alongside her mother in the boutique she owned, Susan has always had a passion for style! She loves helping her clients pick out investment pieces and putting together the perfect outfit.

Susan lives just outside the city during the week, where she takes advantage of her close proximity to NYC, satisfying her love of the arts, theater, and music. During the weekend you’ll find her and her husband enjoying the slower pace of Litchfield County.


Meet us in our favorite jackets we’ve ever met!

Probably rather unconventionally so, we spent our entire styling appointment with Susan coming up with outfit scenarios; “Sporty, but glam at the same time!” “Going to the Met!” “Executive Director power dress” – then running from our massive fitting room into the massive closet of our dreams, like we were on Supermarket Sweep. Back we’d come; change, love, pose, and then on to the next outfit. “Just one more.” Kids in a candy store, I tell ya!

Ok, here goes…and all clothes are available from the Worth New York site!



“Dashing out to Whole Foods; be right back!”



“Look totally glam running around town from one spin class to another.” And I can change my sequins pattern if I want to!


“Off to a meeting at the art gallery”


“I will be running things today…that is all.”


This outfit wins at everything – the meeting, the Presidency, the planet!


“I’m going to the Met now…cheerio!”


Animal print is a neutral right?


Can’t lose me in a crowd now, can ya?


Oh just one more…


Last one, promise! I mean, this is a leather scarf/shawl with fringing and POCKETS! Dreamy.


After all of that, we asked Susan a few q’s before heading on our way, down in the golden elevators, and into the most humid NYC day ever! Thanks, Worth New York – so fun!

Why do you love Worth?
I love the product because of the quality and attention that goes into design and production. Our design team culls the best of both classic and emerging style and translates it into one amazing collection after another. The company itself is just extraordinary in the way it supports women-owned businesses and provides so much inspiration and mentoring. The 25th Anniversary celebration really showcased the love and admiration that people in the company have for one another and the brand.

Give us your favorite piece of fashion/beauty advice.

Acquire basic pieces in which you look and feel great and build a wardrobe around them that suits any occasion. Then create a system in your closet to make assembling your outfit as easy as possible. As for beauty, I’m all about moisturizer, sunscreen every day, and natural looking makeup.

Who is your biggest style influence?
It was always my mother. She (and my grandmother) loved metallics and animal prints decades ago. She even installed snakeskin textured black and white tiles in our kitchen circa 1970.

What Winter ’16 look would you wear to your next event?

Of all the exciting choices, I would choose the Suede Stripe Patches Jacket and black trousers. I look best and feel most comfortable in a short jacket and this is such a statement piece in all the colors I adore!

Worth New York

730 5th Ave, 24th Floor, New York, NY 10019


Words: Bev/Photos Lora, except 2 showroom shots, by Worth New York