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A few months ago it dawned on Lora that her wedding day was just around the corner and that it was crunch time! Everyone wants to be in their best shape ever on their big day – so we texted Hope Lord at Fitness Matters in Kent, and asked if she would help Lora get “fit to be wed!”

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We first met Hope when we put together our Litchfield County “New Year, New You” list, and knew we’d be back! Hope offers personal training in her private studio in the Kent Barns at 14 Old Barn Road.

As matron of honor, I felt it my duty to cheer Lora on (and squeeze in a few squats and ab crunches of my own). I would also make videos, document moves, and write down tips, so that Lora, myself, and you if you feel like it, can do some of these exercises at home!

We decided that 6 sessions was a reasonable goal given our time restrictions. With Hope training us privately in her studio, we would be given the focus and attention that we need (who doesn’t get side-tracked by phones, shiny things, air…..). She kept us on track and pushed us just that bit more than we would push ourselves.

During our initial in-take meeting, we explained our goals (wedding arms, wedding abs, wedding bums)…limitations (time!) and answered a bunch of general health and fitness questions. With no time to waste, we got to it!

The BodySport Fitness ball is a great tool that Hope had us use in our first session together. Simply wedging it in your lower back assists the user to engage core muscles in the correct manner. Boy is it effective! Other than that, the ball can be used in many other ways, including this great abdominal/oblique move Lora is showing below.

IMG_5454_ppweb IMG_5457web


IMG_5454_ppweb IMG_5456web

For the legs and tush – grab a larger ball and a wall. Hope told us to push into our heels, and come down to a table top angle…”so that you could put a tray on your knees and balance a glass of wine.” Yup, got it.

Slide down – HOLD – slide up!

IMG_5498web  IMG_5493web

Hope has tons of great weight resistance moves up her sleeve (no equipment needed!) The rainbow plank was my favorite.










All the while that we were training with Hope, we picked her brains for any healthy lifestyle tips we could glean. Hope is obviously doing it right and is as fit as a fiddle! In no particular order, good advice:

  • Cut down the sugar
  • Watch your portions
  • Moderation and balance [why does that have to be so hard?]
  • Fit in exercise whenever you can…you don’t have to be dressed to do it…just move!
  • Get a personal trainer to give you that boot in the bum – accountability!

Every session ends up with a great stretch…ahhhh.


Ok, friends….Lora and I will BRB… we have a wedding to prepare for! We’re taking a week away from the land of blog – all focus turned towards love and enjoying these upcoming moments…and we can’t wait to share a bunch of those moments with you in a couple of weeks!

Ciao for now!

xo Lora and Bev

Fitness Matters, 14 Old Barn Road, Kent, CT

Contact Hope via email (fitnessmattersofkent@yahoo.com) and check out her website.