Salvatore Anthony Hair Studio

Salvatore Anthony Hair Studio, located in one of Litchfield County’s prettiest villages (New Preston), opened for business in April. Acting as Litchfield County’s Welcome Wagon, we visited Sal for a little “getting to know you” session! We were also in need of a really good hair day for our J. Seitz & Co. fashion shoot, so things worked out perfectly.

Sal’s Aveda hair studio is elegant (cashmere drapes and leather clad shelves), modern, and comfortable. A handsome, huggable, and talented hair colorist/stylist, Sal divides his time between NYC (where he is a Master Stylist at the Scott J. Salon) and his studio in New Preston (find him there by appointment Thursday, Friday, and Saturday).

We yelled out our questions over the noise of the dryer…here’s what we think we heard… 😉



Tell us your hopes and dreams? [We like to get straight to the nitty gritty]

My dream is this! [motions to studio space] To do my own thing; to do it the Sal way.


Your name is perfect for a hair studio by the way…

Thank you; you can thank my mom for that. The studio was all homage to her. She loved my name.




Ahh, head massage…everything Aveda smells so good!

From the moment you had the idea for this studio, to opening, how long was that period?

October of last year…and we opened on April 15th [2016].

So you don’t mess around!

When I put my mind to something, I make it happen! And it’s been great!


Where did you grow up?

New Jersey.

[And then we discuss the show Jerseylicious (and Lora’s friend Tracy DiMarco texted a hello to Sal while on our visit!) at length…which brings us to our next question]

Ok, if somebody asked you to have your own reality show about you and your studio, would you say yes?

[long pause]

I’d say yes! I’d do that…it would be fun.


What was your journey to becoming a hair stylist? 

My story is that I went to Seton Hall University, where I got a business degree. After I graduated in ’92, I was still living in Jersey, and commuting into New York. My first job was advertising. Like everyone else at that time!

After a while, I wasn’t feeling the advertising world. I hung out with a group in the fashion industry. One of the girls hooked me up with her dad and I worked in production in a dress house for a couple of years. The fashion world really opened the door for me and who I was. I was becoming successful in the fashion world, but I was miserable. Eventually, I had a job interview with Tahari, he threw all this money on the table, and I turned down the job.

I decided I just wanted to do what I wanted to do, and that was hair. I sold my townhouse and went to school in New York. Back to school with these 17-year-old kids; I was the oldest in the class.

I started shampooing heads at the salon I still work for today, to pay my mortgage. I worked at Scott J Salon and in less than a year he promoted me. I worked at our flagship location on 72nd and Columbus, and was there until the Upper East side location opened up, and that was my way to go to the next level, get promoted, pick my schedule, and eventually became a master stylist.

And here we are….exhausted and tired, but I love what I do! I’m so glad I took that chance all those years ago! I feel so lucky to be doing what I do.


Before and After!



I tend to like to exaggerate a lil..


We feel lucky that you have branched out to Litchfield County, Sal! Thank you for making our hair pretty!

Clothing in “after” photos available at J. Seitz & Co.

Salvatore Anthony Hair Studio

18 East Shore Road, New Preston, CT 06777



Photos: Lora and Bev Words: Bev and Lora