Rebecca Christine’s Consignment Boutique

I don’t know about you, but we LOVE a good wardrobe purge. Consigning is the perfect way to “out with the only slightly old, but in excellent condition” and “in with the new-to-you.” Or, you can cash out and take a check at the end of a month!

We took our bag (Lora)/bags (Bev) along to Rebecca Christine’s Consignment Boutique in Marbledale, to see which of our items would make the cut.




Yet another store that knows how to treat their customers! How we love our Litchfield County store owners!


Lora goes first (I’ve done this once before) and signs the consignment contract with Rebecca Perrin, store owner. Basically:

  • They accept current in-style ladies and juniors clothing, shoes, etc.
  • Items are consigned for 60 days
  • Items sold are split 50/50
  • All the terms are here


When it’s my turn, I feel like I must introduce each item of clothing, telling Mallory (left) and Rebecca (right) where it was bought and a little bit about the history of each piece. I may have a bit of a clothing emotional attachment issue. (Please, if you end up shopping there, and end up with one of my items, take good care of it, would you?)


I’m not sure if it was my narrative or our exemplary eye for picking out fabulous clothes 😉 …but Mallory and Rebecca agreed on taking almost everything! They communicate through eyebrow signals of what to take and not take.



As I suspected, I found something I liked in Lora’s stash, and she couldn’t believe I was getting rid of a particular green Banana Republic tweed jacket…


I even tried to wrestle the dress from Rebecca, but she’s an expert at this and won.


Oh, look who has a new jacket!


With our stuff taken care of and squared away, it’s time to check out other people’s stuff. We asked Rebecca and Mallory to style us (because we love trying on what other people think we should be wearing!) and so they did, and of course a little bloggeling ensued (I’m hoping to copyright this word and get it into the Urban Dictionary in 2017 – stay tuned).



Bev – Dries Van Noten shirt and Zara pants     Lora – Prada skirt



Bev – not sure what label my dress is but love it!   Lora – in a Chloe dress


Thanks Rebecca and Mallory!



The store opened 7 years ago in 2009 when Rebecca decided she was ready for a change in career. She got a book called Life’s a Bitch and then You Change Careers, took it to Florida to read, came back, found the retail space, and opened the store. Just like that!

At Rebecca Christine’s Consignment boutique you’ll find a varied mix of women’s and junior clothing, both higher end mall store and designer labels. Recently, Mallory has introduced high-end baby items to the mix. They have an amazing selection of designer bags, shoes, jewelry, and also new items, gifts, candles, and scarves. Rebecca collaborates with a lot of local artisans and carries really cool up-cycled pieces.

It’s a great store that you can spend lots of time searching out treasures, or, if you’re short on time, Rebecca and Mallory know their stock and are happy to help customers put together an outfit.

We encourage you to go check it out, ask specifically for Lora or Bev’s stuff, and buy it!! We have a very healthy clothing appetite which needs to be fed!

Rebecca Christine’s Consignment and Boutique

255 New Milford Tpke, Marbledale, CT


Pics: Lora Words: Bev