Scott Bond – Part 2

This post is for all the fine-haired women out there. And I mean, fine. Hair hangs like fluff around your face. You have to load your hair with product for it to maintain any kind of style. Hair doesn’t stay in a part, it falls wherever it wants, or, whichever way the wind blows it.

All my life I’ve wished for thick, swishy hair. I’m not even talking Pantene-ad thick, just a ponytail that’s thicker than the size of my pinky. See exhibits a, b, and c below.

When we met Scott Bond, celebrity hairstylist, I confided in him this longing of mine, telling him that he could give me the best cut and color of my life, but I’d still have super fine hair. Scott told me I could stop wishing and start believing because he was going to give me the thick hair of my dreams…





c) please excuse terrible manicure…


And so it was, that my thick hair dreams were to come true. This may seem trivial to some (and people with thicker than my pinky sized ponytails, can pipe down) – but I couldn’t have been more excited.

So excited in fact, that I managed to get my first ever speeding ticket. I guess my mind was so full of…fullness. When the officer asked if there was any reason for my haste, I couldn’t very well say yes, I’m running a smidge late for my appointment for a thicker ponytail. I’m guessing it wouldn’t be considered a worthy excuse, especially as the officer was bald (or would it?).

Anyway, I’m glad to say, that was the only hurdle…it was smooth sailing after that. I arrived at Scott’s, where my Great Lengths hair extensions were laid out and ready for me. Scott had matched up my color and texture incredibly accurately. He tells me that my hair comes from India, where ladies bequeath their hair to temples. Crazy, right? I almost want to become penpals with my “hair sister,” but that might be considered strange.

Scott proceeds to protein bond each individual clump of hair to my hair.

IMG_9794 2

A couple of enjoyable hours later (Scott tells a very entertaining story) and I was done! I grasped my ponytail and couldn’t hide my  joy at how thick it felt. Whoa!! Scott warned me that I won’t be able to stop swishing my hair around, and it’s true, I whip my hair back and forth…a lot!

Look – Lora even caught me in action at a recent shoot we did with Ellen Christine Couture (coming soon!)


So that’s it, thicker, longer hair for the next four months (maybe longer if I calm down with the whipping back and forth)! I can do everything as per usual, wash, dry, style, and brush (but with 100% boar bristle brushes only).

I’m walking around with an added confidence and bounce in my step, now that I can swish! Thank you, Scott!




Now where can I get some longer legs…

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Scott sees clients at their homes in various parts of the world and also from his home in Goshen. Lucky LC peeps!