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Last week I got to try on my first pair of Manolo Blahniks in the very best way. Finally, finally, having big feet was to my advantage. The story begins with Lora and me attending a talk at the Litchfield Historical Society given by George Malkemus and Tony Yurgaitis, CEO and Vice President of Manolo Blahnik. Just in case you don’t know your Manolo from your elbow – if there was a king of all shoe designers, Manolo would walk around with a crown on his head.

In a room of about 75 or so attendees, George and Tony shared the story of how Manolo became the world-renowned shoe designer that he is today. Here are our CliffsNotes.

Art Hearts Fashion always puts on an amazing fashion show during NYFW, so we had to attend again this season! If you don’t know about AHF, their website gives a little recap, “Art Hearts Fashion was created by designer and philanthropist Eric Rosete in 2011. Events are a leading platform for designers and artists to showcase their collections in a contemporary fashion week setting.” This season they will showcase over 20 designers at 5 of New York’s iconic locations.

Judy Collins is a true musical icon. She has over 50 albums to her name, is an author, a musical mentor, a sought after keynote speaker, and so much more. What better venue to see her perform on November 28th, than Infinity Hall in Norfolk? We chatted with Judy and fell in love with her down to earth, honest and humorous personality. Make sure you grab your tickets today before they are gone. Get to know more of her below:

Connecticut, get ready for Livingston Taylor at Infinity Hall in Norfolk on October 23rd! Not sure if you know his music? Well, he’s not only a singer, he’s a songwriter too, and his brother James Taylor has recorded a couple of his songs, “Boatman” and “I Can Dream of You.” He’s a full professor at Berklee College of Music in Boston and has been teaching a “Stage Performance” class since 1989, as well as having written a book with the same name.

We first heard of Leanne Marshall in 2008 when she took the season 5 win on Project Runway. Since then, she has taken the fashion industry by storm with romantic, whimsical, and earthy collections. Unlocking Litchfield was invited backstage to meet Leanne for a little one on one at the Art Beam gallery in Manhattan at New York Fashion Week.

When we arrived, we walked through a dreamy mist created by a smoke machine into a dimly lit gallery that led us backstage. There was quite a flurry of activity, yet quiet in a way; a focused energy on the task at hand, to introduce Leanne’s 2016 spring/summer collection.

One sunny day a couple of weeks ago, we drove up to Kent to visit Monica and Todd Brown at 109 Cheese Market. When we arrived, the smell of toasting cheese was wafting out on to the street. We witnessed passers-by suddenly realizing they wanted something cheesy for lunch…like they went into some kind of cheese hypnosis. We join them and follow our noses into the store.  It’s time to get a little bit of an education, or at the very least, eat a lot of cheese.

Naturally, when invited to go on a Chocolate Decadence Sunset Train Tour, we hop straight on to Amazon and find two hats (one conductor, one engineer), add to cart – check out. The next time we get together we hold try outs for who will be the conductor. We have to do our best “All Aboooarrrdddd!!” Little did Lora know, I’ve been saying it like that for a while. Anytime somebody mentions All Aboard Pizza in New Milford, I have to say “All Aboooooaaarrrddd.” I can’t help it. You can watch the video to see who ends up wearing the conductor hat 😉

Myq Kaplan, most recently a contestant on America’s Got Talent, making it to the live show round, was eliminated (what an awful word) the night before we met up with him. Boo! We voted using all the different methods as well! It didn’t affect the mood though; Myq’s a happy guy and was more than willing to help us channel our inner comediennes,  answer some questions about his path to AGT and to finish some sentences about the judges…