Posts Written OnJuly 2015

Our visit to the Hunt Hill Farm and Silo was twofold. A tour of the Silo store and museum, and a cooking class at the Silo Cooking School. Bev and Lora are cooking…this doesn’t happen often in our respective houses! Check out the video to see the Silo grounds and the start of our cooking journey, and then look at the photos for the final presentation – we’re very proud!

Heads turn when a beautiful and stylish woman wearing wedge sandals and truly fabulous jewelry walks in the door at Shag Boutique in Roslyn, New York. She greets us immediately, and her smile lights up the shop. Meet Simone Smith. She was in town at the first store to carry her jewelry line, so we decided to take a little road trip to Shag, where co-owner Ann Corn welcomed us like family.

On my search for fun things to do in Litchfield County I came across Modern Paintball in Falls Village. Oh, yes please! One of those activities that I feel like the rest of the world has tried, but both Lora and I have never had the pleasure. Granted, Lora may have been ok with never checking this off her bucket list, but we have only allowed ourselves a couple of “No Way” cards, and I think she’s saving hers for when I suggest “Unlocking” a tattoo parlor.

Pilates Barre: All the cool kids in the city are doing it; celebrities like Kelly Ripa and Zooey Deschanel love it, and ballet dancers swear by it. Well, guess what? We can do it here in Litchfield County too; and if you take a class at Mind-Body Connection in New Milford, you’ll be doing it in an extremely cool and unique studio located at a marina. Winning.

We recommend you read the rest of this post…but if you’re in a time pinch, head straight to the last paragraph for a most fabulous Unlocking Litchfield July giveaway contest – they keep getting better and better!