Posts Written OnJune 2015

This story begins way back in the early months of starting our blog, about 4 months ago. Sue Edelstein, on the board at Litchfield Hills Rowing Club saw what we were about to embark on and wanted in right away (she has excellent foresight). She’s extremely enthusiastic and passionate about the rowing experience, so of course we said yes. But first we had to do some pre-training to get us ready to get on the water come spring…

Let it be known that neither Lora nor I are known in our circles for our culinary skills. Luckily we both have men in our lives that make sure we don’t starve or eat cereal for dinner, because left to our own devices, well…We’re never against expanding our skill set, and thus, a celebrity cooking spot was born. Ok, so it’s not so much of the “cooking” and more of the “preparing” in our first video. We’re going to work up to cooking. Our first cooking segment was to be salads – perfect, as it’s almost summer after all!

We had been drooling over Robert Couturier’s Instagram account for quite some time oohing and ahhing over pictures of his home, furnishings, gardens, and fabulous lifestyle! We wanted to meet the stylish man behind “Robert Couturier, Inc.” – the International Architect and Designer. No problem. We just put our wishes out into the world (using our trade secret method), and “voila,” an invitation to tour Robert’s home pops into our inbox. The power of the Universe is real!