9 Main Bakery & Deli

Have you made lunch plans yet? Are you in the vicinity of New Preston, CT? If your answer is no, followed by yes, then get yourself along to 9 Main Bakery and Cafe for a lil’ something fresh and delicious. Enjoy the zen of lunching in such a picturesque town and knowing that you are in good eating company, Hillary and Bill Clinton stopped by last summer, and Martha Stewart was there picking up some lunch just last week.

A local gem…

We stopped by for lunch and got to know Whitney Flood and Julie Retzlaff, husband and wife team, and new owner-operators of 9 Main since April 1 of this year. They are a super hard-working couple, at the cafe every morning before most of us even consider waking up, making quality food they can be proud to serve. They make all the bread and baked goods at the deli every day, seek out local and organic ingredients, and work with what’s in season.

9 Main Bakery & Deli

There’s a chalkboard with their nine standard sandwich offerings with great names such as “The Waramaug,” “New Preston Feast,” and “The Soprano.” We do love an interesting sandwich combo! For example, the New Preston Feast; turkey, cranberry-beet and walnut relish, arugula and Arethusa Camembert on house sourdough. YUM! If that’s a bit fancy for you and doesn’t tickle your pickle, then guess what, you can build your own. Pick your bread (they have gluten free too), pick your main ingredient, your cheese, typical toppings, or more gourmet..and then give it a name, or just eat it, no judgment. Not in a sandwich mood? They have 3 homemade soups specials every day, one of which will be vegan.

For the record, Bev had the Waramaug, the fresh basil reminded her of a summer day, mmmm good. Lora opted for a spinach and Gruyere quiche, which was melt in your mouth, “tastes just like mom’s pie crust”, delicious. Once we had scarfed that down, and perhaps because we had oohed and aahed over it earlier, Julie brought over a piece of chocolate bundt cake with two forks for us to “sample”. Not too sweet, not too chocolatey (some would say these words do not go together), just right!

Currently, 9 Main is open for breakfast and lunch every day. Whitney and Julie are thinking about doing a family style dinner one night a week, perhaps Friday or Saturday. They’ll keep us posted.

As well as 9 Main, Whitney and Julie operate Farmers and Cooks, a catering business offering full service, farm-to-table menus.

Lora’s Fave Thing: The selection of yummy treats!
Bev’s Fave Thing: The quality to price ratio.

9 MAIN is located at Nine Main Street, New Preston, CT 06777
Website: www.ninemainbakery.com
Phone number: 860-868-1879
Hours: Monday-Friday 6:30am – 3:30pm, Saturday and Sunday 7:30am – 3:30pm

Words: Bev/Photos: Lora