Posts Written OnMarch 2015

As of December 2015, the Morrison Gallery is now located at:

25 Main Street, Kent, CT.

The Morrison Gallery in Kent, CT, is owned by William Morrison, or Billy, to those who know him. Billy is one rad guy, and he has one beautiful gallery.

We headed up there one Sunday afternoon to catch the tail end of an opening reception for Vincent Inconiglios and his Donut Series. Look at that! Food again! We won’t pretend to be art critics, you can read all about the exhibit here, but we’ll tell you, we really enjoyed it and it was all very pleasing to our eyes!

Welcome! Here it is, our very first blog post, and of course, if you know us at all, you won’t be surprised to hear it’s about food!

We had the pleasure of being invited along to The White Horse Country Pub & Restaurant in Marbledale, CT. If you’ve ever driven by, you’ll know the place is extremely popular. Reservations are highly recommended, but you could also get lucky if you just pop in. Folks come from hours away to enjoy the food and atmosphere The White Horse provides, and after our visit there, we completely understand why.